Our Vision

  • Working collaboratively, and effectivally with each Department within our Customer's Project Team, to furnish the most Cost Effective, Comprehensive Package of Matched Portable Power System Solutions, and their important Interrelated Accessories.
  • Specialize by bringing GREAT POWER together with our focused and experienced Global Resources to create Successful Design Solutions, Optimum Product Selection, Performance/Quality/Feature & Costing Balance , Prototyping, and Production Supply with Effective Supply Chain Management.


Our Values

  • Work Hard... Work Smart!
  • Begin with Personal and Professional Respect for each Person and each Business we meet.
  • Work and Plan to do it right the first time. 
  • Seek and Encourage Personal and Professional Growth.
  • Promote Continual Improvement in Knowledge, Truth, and Efficiency.
  • Nurture Healthy Relationships founded in Mutual Goals.
  • Provide and Promote Clear Courteous Communication, Effective Collaboration, and both Operational and Financially Viable Specialization
  • Use and Share Energy, Resources, and Time Wisely.